Joomla Development

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Joomla! CMS is an award winning open source Content Management System. It's also very popular - hundreds of thousands of websites run on Joomla.

As many DIYers have found, it's easy to start a simple website with Joomla. In the hands of professional developers - like Codigo Aberto - it really delivers value.

When we built the website for Camões IP, Joomla was a natural choice. They use Joomla to publish latest news and info. Also an online events calendar, interactive maps, e-newsletters and a comprehensive web business directory.

Codigo Aberto uses Open-Source Content Management Systems. Whether you are looking for a simple blogging tool or an enterprise grade system with custom-design integration, we provide a host of options to suit your needs. We identify your requirements and expectations then insure a smooth delivery of the chosen solution.

We use freely available Joomla! as the core of Content Management Systems for blogs and custom-designed applications for other document management handling. We have built many small, medium and worldwide CMS schemes over the past decade. Our Open-Source CMS solutions are used by SMEs and large scale multinational brands, alike.

Joomla! is a powerful Open-Source Content Management Systems (CMS). It can be used to create simple websites right through to complex corporate applications. Joomla! is highly regarded, reliable and secure. We are experts in the use and development of Joomla! We do not sell Joomla! It is licensed and freely distributed under the GPL usage licence.

We provide a development service customising and designing plug-ins, bespoke CMS packages and managed solutions. We create our own components for Joomla! where a client has a unique requirement.

It just doesn't get any better.